The Maple Project

Wikwemikong boy in classMAPLE stands for Motivating and Promoting Lifelong Enrichment. The goal of MAPLE is to help First Nations youth in Canada be all that they can be by providing resources for education, nutrition, sports, and leadership development. MAPLE will promote an environment of sustainable, positive change and lifelong enrichment in the lives of First Nations youth by providing and investing in resources for community-based youth programs.

Wikwemikong girl in classThe MAPLE project is being conducted by ADRA Canada, in partnership with Aspire, the social responsibility arm of IGNITE Infrastructure Association. This unique partnership will facilitate in-kind donations, from Canadian corporations, with a special focus on educational and recreational resources.

We are also extremely honored by the trust and enthusiastic partnership of the Wikwemikong First Nations People. The Wikwemikong strongly believe that their greatest resource is their youth and have shown a real dedication to building a strong youth program in their community.

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